Reliable Staffing & Accurate Inspection Services

At Syleak, we provide our clients with valuable service, from professional nurses to accurate inspections. We send professionals that are reliable and on time.

Syleak Consultants

Nurse Staffing

Our main focus is on staffing for healthcare organizations. As a reputable nurse agency, you can expect the following.

  • Team of nurses sent to various locations that require additional help.

  • Client’s requirements met professionally & financially

  • Ensures nurses are on par with the client’s expectations

  • Delivering skilled & compassionate work

Inspection Services

We are experienced in disaster inspection services. Our company contracts to inspect homes that have been damaged due to a Presidentially declared emergency or natural disaster. Here’s what to expect.

  • Detailed Training Program: Get prepared for your first deployment.

  • Training Courses: Online & interactive sessions, webinars & workshops.

  • House Inspections: Visit disaster sites to assess home & personal damages.